Toronto, Canada: Where to Stay and 10 Favourite Food Spots!

First big trip for the year 2018 ! I’ve been wanting to visit this particular continent for the years and lucky for me, I finally managed to accumulate these hard earned annual leaves to make this work back in March. That’s just because I’ve utilized my maximum capacity of leaves available last year. Oh well, seventeen days and I got to kill two birds with a stone: Canada & Mexico. If you’re gonna spend 4 hours (Penang-Hong Kong) and 15 hours (Hong Kong to Toronto) – you gotta stretch it as much as your pocket and time permits.

“Toronto is a reflection of Canada. Known as the largest city in Canada, it is the capital city of the province of Ontario. With over 140 languages spoken, it is the most multi-culturally diverse city on the planet! Some of the world’s finest restaurants are found here, alongside happening bars and clubs and eclectic festivals.” – Lonely Planet

So.. after being fed dinner-supper-breakfast by Cathay Pacific, two movies on board, some snooze time and a friendly chat with a fellow Canadian passenger, I touched down at Toronto Pearson International airport at 830pm (-1 day). My Malaysian passport did not agree with the automated passport clearance machine and I had to go through the immigration manually. It wasn’t the best experience for sure, but I made it out eventually. Here we go… my one week March escape!

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